DYNEX Power Modules

Das britische Unternehmen DYNEX Semiconductor Ltd gehört in die CSR Corporation Ltd und hat mit der Entwicklung von Power Modulen mehr als 50 Jahre Erfahrung. Die Produkte werden in Lincoln UK und in Zhuzhou CN entwickelt und produziert. Die CSR Corporation ist weltweit führend in der Ausstattung von Bahnequipment.

IGBT Module


› New Dynex technology “High Current Density Enhanced DMOS SPT” chip
› 3.3KV up to 1500A
› 4.5KV up to 1200A
› 6.5KV up to 750A
› AISiC baseplate with AIN substrate
› Isolation until 10.2kV available
› Single, dual, chopper & half bridge configuration
› Custom module design & manufacture capability
› 1.2kV and 1.7kV available in DSPT/DNPT Technology

Further information: IGBT Module

Phase Control Thyristors

DYNEX Phase Control Thyristors

› High power process based on an aluminum implanted p-base.
› Product range from 1.4kV to 8.5kV
› Free floating silicon
› Double positive bevelling to achieve 100% of silicon avalanche breakdown potential
› Maximised silicon area for highest average current rating
› Being applied to custom products

Further information: Phase Control Thyristors

Gate Turn-off Thyristors

DYNEX Gate Turn-off Thyristors

› 1300V, 2500V, 4500V & 6500V, 600A to 4000A controllable current
› The DG range are anode shorted asymmetric GTO’s and the DGT range are symmetric GTO’s
› DGT range are symmetric GTO’s
› Adaptable to replicate most obsolete Mitsubishi,Powerex, ABB, Westcode & Eupec GTO’s

Further information: Gate Turn-off Thyristors

Pulse Power Thyristors

DYNEX Pulse Power Thyristors

› It is a non irradiated GTO silicon ( very fast turn on but slow turn off)
› High di/dt & very high peak current capability
› Low frequency or single pulse applications (capacitor discharge)
› High Power Laser, Research laboratories, lightning simulator, liquids and food
  sterilization, ignitron replacement
› Load protection ( crowbar circuit)

Further information: Pulse Power Thyristors

Rectifier Diodes

DYNEX Rectifier Diodes

› Designed for low forward voltage drop
  - Low conduction losses
  - Optimised for line frequency operations
› Strain buffers for high thermal cycling capability
  - Long service life
› Low thermal impedance
› High overload capacity

Further information: Rectifier Diodes

Fast Recovery Diodes

DYNEX Fast Recovery Diodes

› Diodes for 1.6kV, 2.5kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV available

Further information: Fast Recovery Diodes

Fast Recovery Diode Modules

DYNEX Fast Recovery Diode Modules

› Dual and tripple Diode modules available
› Diodes for 1.2kV, 1.8kV, 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV available

Further informaion: Fast Recovery Diode Modules


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