DYNEX Semiconductor

IGBT Modul-Familie 100A bis 3600A / 1200V bis 6500V


Dynex bietet eine umfangreiche Palette an High Power IGBTs und Dioden-Modulen. Die Produktfamilie umfasst Module mit Spannungen von 1200V bis 6500V und Strömen von 100A bis 3600A.

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Circuit configurations include single switch, dual switch, chopper, half bridge and bi-directional options. All Dynex modules are designed and constructed to meet the most rigorous performance and reliability requirements in the marketplace. The IGBT technology is developed in-house by the Dynex R&D team, and manufactured in the dedicated wafer fabrication and assembly facilities located in Lincoln, ensuring complete control of the manufacturing process from die through to fully tested modules. Applications for Dynex high power modules include railway traction, marine drives, industrial motor drives and wind power generation.


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